Who We Are

Appointment Desk® provides appointment scheduling services to medical practices and other businesses across the nation with our professional and friendly U.S.-based receptionists. Our service is designed to be a full-service appointment desk solution, minimizing the need for our clients to dedicate staff and space to support their appointment scheduling function.

How It Works

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You tell us how you want your calls handled

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You forward your appointment calls to us

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We book your appointments on your shared calendar

What it means for you

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more appointments

Medical practices and other businesses often lose appointments, because their front desk staff is on the phone, assisting others or out of the office. We have a team of receptionists ready to take your appointment calls so you don’t have to worry about missed calls due to a busy office, sick days, vacation time or employee turnover.

More Appointments =
More Revenue

Lower costs

Our appointment scheduling services typically cost our clients one-third of the cost of a full-time receptionist. We can cover 100% of your appointment desk needs or complement your existing staff – either way, you reduce costs!

Less Overhead = Lower Costs

Improve customer service

Regardless of how busy your front desk is or how many calls are coming in at once, we can take those calls as they come in. In the meantime, your front desk staff can better serve the needs of your office.

Resolving Your Customers’ Needs =
Improved Customer Service

What our clients are saying

  • I think what's special is that I always receive positive feedback from my patients regarding appointment desk. They are amazed that they can actually speak to an "answering service", make the appointment or contact me if needed and are not frustrated. If one comment stands out, it's "whoever is answering your phone is so nice." Appointment Desk might be the first encounter that a new patient makes with my practice. A positive first impression can only help me.

    Gary Kantrowitz, DPM
  • The services at ADI have been such a blessing for me. Being a psychologist, I am unable to answer my phone during the day. ADI allows my clients to get a live voice when they contact my office instead of an answering machine, which I believe is invaluable these days. The people at ADI are extremely helpful. They set/reschedule appointments for me, answer client questions and only when necessary do they send people to my voice mail.

    Jennifer Dunham, LPC
  • Appointment Desk provides a centralized scheduling desk for over 40 providers, supporting calls from thousands of health plan members.   Their service has exceeded expectations and has increase the number of appointments scheduled substantially.  I would strongly recommended Appointment Desk service to other health plans and provider networks.

    Abby Grossa, CFO
  • We have partnered with Appointment Desk for years. They are a true extension of our practice providing a great service at a cost lower than internal staff. On average the services have been less than $36 per workday, which is far less than the cost of internal staff. The Appointment Desk professional receptionists have increased our appointments adding new patients with fewer missed calls and expands our scheduling hours beyond our typical office hours

    Donald Blum, DPM

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